Innovative service industries in Berlin!

About 80 percent of all employees in Berlin – 1.2 million workers – work in the service industries across all clusters and sectors.
The spectrum ranges from business, education and personnel services to financial and tourism services and retail. An increasing number of forward-thinking companies are coming to Berlin to offer business-oriented services from Berlin, because of all its important location advantages for the service sector:

  • Highly qualified employees
  • Low labor costs
  • Attractive real estate
  • Seat of the federal government, embassies, associations and lobbyists
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure
  • The best national and regional accessibility
  • Economic stability and attractive development opportunities
  • High quality of life

Not to mention the city's high international renown and cultural diversity. People from over 180 countries live in the capital of Germany. 94 percent of Berlin's workforce has foreign language skills, more than 60 percent of them even speak more than two languages.

Our comprehensive services and expertise allow us to support and advise service industry companies that want to become established in Berlin, move to Berlin or expand here.


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