Berlin Master Chefs

25 years of Berlin Master Chefs! A success story that stands for Berlin's culinary range with an international standard. More than 140 award winners, reflecting the diversity of Berlin's gastronomic scene every year, have already been honored. By honoring Berlin's master chefs, the best in cuisine, neighborhood and scene, Berlin Partner has been presenting the capital's upscale restaurant culture as the city's flagship for 25 years. Here, innovation and tradition, sustainability and future trends go hand in hand. 

The independent Berlin Master Chefs jury has selected the 2021 award winners in the categories of Berlin Master Chef, Rising Star of the Year, Berlin Host, Berlin Scene Restaurant, Berlin Neighborhood Master, Gastronomic Innovator - and a new category, Berlin Bar Culture. Berlin Barkultur is intended to expand the diversity of Berlin's cuisine and gastronomy with a focus on the city's outstanding bars.

Berlin Master Chefs 2021 Award Winners

Berlin Master Chefs Jury

Chronicle of the 1997-2021 Berlin Master Chefs


Star cuisine homemade at home

Bring fine dining home and prepare it yourself - the award winners of the Berlin Master Chefs make it possible.

They make their own recipes available for re-cooking. So everyone can taste their own Master Chefs dish at home.

So you can choose your favorite recipe, buy it and start cooking in your own kitchen.

Photos of the dishes can be shared under #berlinisst.

Impressions "The place to taste" and announcement of the prize winners of the Berlin Master Chefs 2021


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