Future technologies from idea to innovative product

The German capital region provides top conditions for innovation and growth. A high concentration of excellent universities and research facilities is one of the location's great strengths. This is particularly positive for the innovative growth sectors and future fields that are combined in the five capital region clusters. Innovative products for the global markets of the future are being created here – at the interface between the sectors and in close partnership with the players along the entire value chain.

With a systematic innovation policy as part of the joint innovation strategy of the states Berlin and Brandenburg (innoBB), we support and encourage these sectors to develop further as regional clusters in order to position the German capital region as a leading international business and technology location.

With the project "Development and Implementation of Regional Innovation Strategies 2021 (BBFM 2021), the state of Berlin is promoting the development of the clusters Energy Technology; Healthcare Industry; ICT, Media and Creative Industries; Optics and Photonics; and Transport, Mobility and Logistics. In addition, the project includes the sub-themes Clean Technologies, Industrial Production, Smart Cities, and Technology Transfer and Innovation Management. These flank the development of the clusters and make cross-sectional contributions to the implementation of the innovation strategy innoBB 2025, which is supported jointly with the state of Brandenburg and provides the framework for cluster development.
The operational activities of the cluster management teams focus on networking the stakeholders from science and industry, initiating and supporting collaborative projects at the state, federal and EU level, and marketing the clusters. A special thematic focus for all clusters is formed by the key topics of innoBB 2025 - digitalization, real labs and test fields, startups and foundations, skilled workers and work 4.0.

In addition to the innovative clusters, Berlin is a sought-after location for service industries and industrial production.