Berlin industry is on the upswing!

It is innovative, competitive and export-oriented.

As a creative hotspot in Europe, Berlin is an attractive location for technology-oriented companies. In the context of their open innovation strategies, groups and innovative medium-sized companies such as Henkel, Bosch and Schleicher choose Berlin as the development site for their innovations, founding and supporting labs, incubators and accelerators.

Business continuously relies on the excellent R&D environment here. Berlin is second in the nation in terms of GNP invested in research and development. Berlin also has an enormous potential of highly qualified workers who are trained in the numerous local universities, institutions of higher education and companies. They come from Germany and other countries to study and work in Berlin. Companies such as Harting and Endress + Hauser deliberately chose this location because they knew they would find talented minds and a broad research landscape here.

Traditional and future-oriented industrial location

The metal and electrical industry, as well as mechanical and plant engineering have a long tradition in Berlin that is continued by companies such as Procter & Gamble / Gillette, OTIS, Viessmann and Jonas & Redmann. Together with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, they are among the industries in the capital city with the strongest sales and employment numbers. Other key areas include the food industry as well as the printing and paper industries. These "traditional" industries make significant contributions to the development of advanced technologies "Made in Germany" and support networked supplier relationships in the capital region.

In addition, the industrial location of Berlin also benefits from the strong local digital economy, which is advancing the digitization of production and control processes in a move towards industry 4.0. Berlin is one of the leading ICT locations in Germany: one in ten companies in the digital economy is founded in Berlin. Germany's largest digital communications network, easy access to debt and venture capital and the high level of innovation make Berlin attractive to industry 4.0 suppliers and users as well. Berlin is developing into an international hub and focal point for innovative concepts and smart solutions for networked companies and production. Powerful industry 4.0 providers such as Bosch SI, PSI Penta, Cisco, as well as IPK, IZM, Focus and HHI, which belong to the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, not to mention a host of specialized medium-sized companies are developing new business models in Berlin for the urban production of the future. ”Zukunftsorte” (places of the future) such as Adlershof, CleanTech Business Park, EUREF-Campus, Tempelhof and Urban Tech Republic in Tegel allow Berlin to not only offer available sites for new establishments, but also sites where industry 4.0 processes can be tested and made useful for Berlin.

Around 7,000 companies with more than 105,000 employees work in Berlin in industrial production. The number of startups increases each year: from approximately 570 in 2008 to more than 1,360 new companies in the manufacturing sector in 2013. To further promote this positive development, Berlin offers attractive funding programs for investments as well as research and development projects.

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