Always on the move!

… This applies to the modern infrastructure as well as to the economy with its strengths in the transport, mobility and logistics segments. A wide range of companies works in close cooperation with first-class research institutes on new technologies, concepts and system solutions for environmentally friendly, efficient and safe passenger and commercial traffic.

The capital region is traditionally known as a center of expertise for rail technology and with more than 100 companies – including Siemens, Bombardier and Stadler – it is one of the most important locations for the industry in Europe.

As an international showcase for electromobility, the region is becoming an increasingly important location for automotive innovations. Electromobility is demonstrated and technologically advanced through more than 200 joint projects and a variety of thematically related projects with a focus on "driving, loading, storage and networking." More than 3,500 electric vehicles are already being driven on the streets of Berlin.

… And did you know that Otto Lilienthal began his first flight tests over 100 years ago from Berlin? The aerospace industry has a long tradition in the capital region which is now successfully positioned as Germany's third major aerospace center of expertise.

Our comprehensive service and information offers allow us to support and advise transport, mobility and logistics companies that want to become established in Berlin, move to Berlin or grow here.

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