Berlin is smart!

Smart City is the integrated approach to all the future topics with which we, as a city, will be dealing with in the decades to come. It is about anticipating trends and developments in all areas that affect life in a big city. The idea is to use ICT to develop concrete solutions to make our city more efficient, healthier, more sustainable, more livable and cleaner. In addition to benefiting citizens, climate protection, resource conservation and sustainability are of particular importance. It is necessary to create an organizational framework and network decision-making processes in the cities in order to establish smart technologies.

Thus there is a clear political commitment for Berlin as a smart city. In April 2015, the Berlin Senate decided on the Smart City Berlin Strategy. The objectives of the smart city strategy include expanding the international competitiveness of the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region, increasing the resource efficiency and climate neutrality of Berlin by 2050, and creating a pilot market for innovative applications.

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology is helping implement these objectives. As an association for developing businesses and promoting technologies, we support growth and innovation in Berlin. Smart city plays an essential role in that. Our expertise and comprehensive service and information offers allow us to support companies and projects with all smart city-related topics and make us the central point of contact in Berlin.